Deciding Between a Roman and Kidney Pool Design

Kidney pool design

If you plan on building a swimming pool, you will soon realize that there are many different styles of pool designs to choose from. One of the most popular choices is between two classic shapes: the kidney-shaped pool and the Roman-style pool. Both offer unique benefits and drawbacks that should be considered carefully before choosing. Let’s explore what sets these two shapes apart.

The Kidney-Shaped Pool

This type of pool typically features a curved edge that resembles a bean shape or the organ it was named after. The design is incredibly versatile and can look great in any garden or backyard setting, whether small or large. As well as being easy to maintain, it can be used for many activities, including leisurely swimming, playing games such as volleyball, or even hosting parties. Furthermore, it’s designed with safety in mind so there are no sharp edges which could potentially cause injury to children or adults while they’re enjoying themselves in the water.

The Roman-Style Pool

This type of pool has an oval shape with straight sides at both ends, giving it an elegant look that fits perfectly into any outdoor setting. Additionally, it’s simple to install since the straight edges make for a straightforward installation process compared to other pool designs such as infinity pools or L-shaped designs. Although this type of pool may not be able to accommodate some activities as easily as its kidney counterpart due to its limited size, it’s still perfect for recreational swimming and fun with friends and family alike!

Deciding on a pool design can be quite challenging but knowing what makes each one unique can help narrow down your choices considerably! Kidney-shaped pools offer more versatility while Roman-style pools have more space available for activities like sports games or parties. Ultimately, both options provide plenty of fun opportunities for those who want to enjoy their time in the water! Ultimately, choosing between these two classic shapes comes down to personal preference — but rest assured that whichever option you decide on will bring plenty of enjoyment!

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